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.6" DIP and Breadboard

Edit-I found this video today (well Limor did.) http://youtu.be/n5LEEoskiaM Lots of work but he gets it done.

I have a handful of chips I use that fit that .6" DIP category still-The ISD 17xx and now the Parallax chips.  The thing is it kind of sucks putting them on a breadboard-you end up lopsided and don't usually have enough tie points on one side to work with, and most chip designers don't put all the "necessary" connections on one side.  Now there are pictures of a "collector's item" breadboard made for this type of package:

but I can't find anyone still selling them.  There are however these two varieties of board available:

600 Tie Point 1280 Tie Point

I can't exactly tell if a .6" dip would straddle the middle rails on eithe of these.  Does anyone have the answer for me before I drop $20 on yet another breadboard I'll rarel use?

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I put the calipers on mine and it showed about .66" it would be a stretch to keep them from jumping out of the board like those pesky tact switches. :)

Kind of along the lines of what birdman said but use a wire wrap 40 pin socket to place the prop in and bend the pins to match breadboard.

If it wasn't obvious, part of the reason I was looking for a solution to this problem is a slight obsessive/compulsive issue.  THIS DOESN'T HELP! ;-)

Parallax sells breadboards with six tie points on each side rather than five. They would give you an extra tie point on each side of your .6" parts.

I've heard good things about some inexpensive breadboards purchased off ebay. I haven't tried any ebay boards myself.

I got tired of undoing my breadboarded projects so once when I had more money than time (which doesn't happen often), I purchased ten of these from Digi-Key. I has been really nice to have a bunch of breadboards. I don't waste the time I used to having to redo wiring when I want to resume working on a project.

That is interesting...

If you happen to be buying anything from Digi-Key, you could also buy the boards from them.

Parallax has pretty reasonable USPS prices so it would probably cost less to buy it from them if you're not already getting something from Digi-Key.

I'm ashamed. You could load that image into one of your manipulation programs and change the units to inches. With that you could measure the distance from one set of holes to the other. :P

I do agree the center of the newer boards look too wide.

May I offer another suggestion? Lay out some boards that let you mount wide chips and plug them in to narrow sockets. Maybe try to find long male pins that would set the board up higher.

I trust the voice of experience over the precision of a mock-up any day.

I don't have that board but just putting a ruler over the image seems to give 0.8" rather than the 0.6" you want (use Ctrl + to zoom the screen to make it easier)

Using that logic I can get the President of the United States in my trouser pocket. ;-)