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Acoustic Noise Reduction

So in another forum I explained how I was using power screwdriver motors to move my rocker bogie suspension system. So I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on how to dampen the acoustic noise(not the electrical noise) coming from these motors. They use planetary gearboxes which I know are notorious for being loud but I need the torque that they provide. I was planning on using some sound proofing material to dampen the sound but I was wondering if you had any ideas. I know it is kind of a weird topic but thanks for your help. 

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As ChuckCrunch says, rubber gaskets. I always mount my harddrives and fans with those, removes a lot of noise.

sound travels well in a solid object, were you attach your motor's is a key point , putting some kind of rubber gasket between your motor and the main body will stop some of the vibrations higher frequencies mostly ,,,thicker the better or a soft rubber and  harder rubber in layers when sounds moves from one material to another  it loses some of it's energy , tighten all of your bolts nylon washers, large flat plates will act as speakers and needs to be covered by something  (carpet first thing to mind)

sound is movement (vibrations)  stop the movement stop the sound

you can get a sound deadening for you car interior its like a sticky seat of rubber with a silver back