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Add-ons to the "bristlebot"

Have any of you added something cool to your bristlebots to make them do something cool (like obstacle avoidance, remote control, etc.)?

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What is a bristle bot?

A bristle bot is a simple vibrabot.  It is made by putting an offset motor onto a toothbrush head.  Then you put a battery on it and it will start to move.  Some people change it a little bit.  Like using a computer chip or kitchen scrubber instead of a toothbrush head.  Some people make them RC.



I played some with the concept(s) at some point, one afternoon - but it is in a pile of to-do's now ;/


I made a pretty terrible bristlebot a while ago and made an instructable about it.

Note: I made this before I learned about porgramming, or anything


there it is...

I really like this one because it answers a question of mine: can you "steer" a vibrobot?