Let's Make Robots!

For all you Iron Man junkies

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Being here in Texas, I know quite a few guys like this.  Thanks for posting!  I started with the pilot, and it was on in the background while working in my workshop this weekend.  Already halfway through the first season.

That Iron Man suit was pretty cool.

Yes it's hard for anyone who has seen "Gomer Pyle" to take someone who talks like that seriously.

That said it's good to see people giving it a go! Reminds me of the TV series "Junkyard Wars".

Oh my god-I've watched about 15 minutes of this and these guys are the best!  They're going to turn so many fly-over state kids into engineers.  TELL EVERYONE!  This reminds me of the stories about Thorstein Veblen, the father of Institutional Economics, and how he wasn't taken serious in academia because of his accent in spite of his amazing intellect.