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Another Reason to love LMR

I spent 12 hours (on and off) Sunday in my lab (and my sickbed-thank god for the iPad) in Des Moines watching a man my age in Brewster, MA teach a 10 year old in Brooklyn, NY how to set up and program a PICAxe on a system he didn't seem to have in front of him using less than 130 characters at a time. It was amazing.

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The only thing that was really missing (yes I was waiting for it to appear in the shout box) was the famous "TING!"


I appreciate the praise, guys but I feel I should humble myself a bit here. Really, this all comes down to not forgetting that I was Dave.

3 years ago, I was the one asking for sample code and for people to simplify their explainations even more so I could understand them. There were more people than I could count coming out of the woodwork to help. Folks have sent me parts when I was desperate, and I was on the learning side of a lot of skype time.

This is simple Karma, guys --or maybe it is the penny jar (have a penny, please leave one, need a penny, please take one). This most recent marathon session with Dave should not be looked at as an exception --It is just the way it works. I was helped, now I help. --I am not the only one who has done this, not by a long shot. As a matter of fact, Mr. Pat was Johnny-on-the-spot with the video walk-though to get dave's driver and IDE installed. Team effort.


Beyond this specific example, this situation is quite isolated to the nerd/open source community and this is a big reason I like this community. Sharing is nice. Giving away one's idea(s) so others can use them, learn from them and improve them just makes sense and it is amazing that this works with the simple idea of "use my stuff, attribute me and don't use the info to be a douchebag". When I explain to non-robot people that everything I sell is available for free (design files etc) they are baffled as to why anyone wouldn't just steal everything from me. This is because non-robot people live in the "screw before you get screwed" world. For me, I will stay right here in the "everybody shares and plays nice" world, thank you very much.

I have NEVER, not once, been screwed by a nerd. Not once.

God bless us, one and all. 

Well said. Damn well said.

CtC says:

I have NEVER, not once, been screwed by a nerd. Not once.

You should try it.  They're very appreciative afterwards!

(Is that Fred from "Angel?")

Well, that's just all sorts of fantastic right there, isn't it?


made me smile


And in the wee hours when the p-ax finally worked LMR people around the world all simultaineously high 5'd each other!

That was a good night!

I have been a member of LMR for about 3.5 years now. This is not a rare event, this is standard practice. The whole purpose of LMR is that we educate each other no matter what country we come from or who needs help.