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Anyone got some Xbees???

Hi guys I made a transmitter with the rocketbrandstudios.com fetaduino but don't got no Xbees so if you guys got 1 or 2 that you aren't useing I'll buy them or trade for them but I don't want to pay BOKOOBUCKS so if you got sum leave a comment thanks


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Xbees are for rich people. Me poor :D So I use nRF24L01 (2.4GHz wireless radios/transceivers) modules :) These modules cost less then 2$ a piece on Ebay. They are a little bit more difficult to use then an Xbee module. Xbee uses serial, nRF24L01 modules use the SPI bus. So they do use a lot more pins. Have a look at my robots or on my website to see what I have done with them :)