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Arduino UNO Robotics Kit!

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Thanks for your feedback!

I thought about adding more sensors to the kit to add the capability to build line followers, etc., but decided to sell them separately in an effort to keep the base price down. I figured this way people can buy whatever addons they want and not pay for sensors they don't care about..

Those are great points regarding support and documentation. I wrote a fairly comprehensive tutorial for the previous version of this kit, but I'm planning on writing another one specifically for this kit (showing how to build a basic robot and providing code for it) after Christmas.

Also, I forgot to include a plastic caster in the parts list, so I updated my original post! The kit does come with a Caster with 1/2" Plastic Ball, which you can sort of see in the second picture.

Great kit Nate! You have a professional looking website/shop running, very important when you want others to trust you with their money.

One suggestion: a teacher I know (an a friend) love the Sparkfun Inventors Kit for tree things:  the SIK guide,  the SIK code library and the third one which is probably the most important when you have a class full of teenagers: the carrying case.

It sounds silly, but this is probably a big selling point when dealing with education/group sales. 


This looks absolutely perfect! I have had so many questions on YouTube from people asking what I reccomend as an Uno robot kit, and there aren't many. This has everything they would need to get started in robotics. Kudos to you sir, you will be getting my referall tick of approval.

Like Max said, support the hell out of it. If there is one thing that distinguishes a good kit from a great kit it is documentation. This would be a kit primarly bought by beginners, you give them instructions, you will be saving yourself the headache of tens of emails everyday from noobs asking how to put it together.

The thing that really sells it for me is the inclusion of the double sided foam tape and zip ties. These are two of the most useful things to use in robotics :D

Thanks, I wrote the e-commerce platform for my website from scratch, so I really appreciate your kind words!

I'm hoping to put together a lot more electronics and robotics kits over the next few months. I'd love to make a kit for for the LMR "Start Here" tutorial, too. I'm sure I could put it together way more cheaply than the current shop selling it..

I like what you offer the beginner in variety at a really great price point. All you have to do to make this a winner is support the hell out if the product after the sale. The store looks fantastic by the way!