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Arduino updates - I hate the new Arduino

When I started using Arduino, V0018 was the latest and greatest. Since then there have been about 7 updates and every time they update, more and more of my code fails to compile.

Since V1.0 and now V1.01 it seems the capital letter "F" cannot be used for a function name. This caused the error:
error: expected unqualified-id before 'reinterpret_cast'

The editor did not jump to the problem section of code or highlite anything so I had no idea where the problem was. Fortunately someone else had the same problem and found the cause of the error, the letter "F".

I have also had trouble getting the wiring library to work as they have changed the command names.

Perhaps worst of all, Arduino's new colour scheme chosen by someone who was visually impared. I would not mind if they gave us the ability to change it but it seems we are locked into this ghastly new colour scheme that makes me want to puke.

Does anyone else have these problems or is it just me?

The simple example code "blink without delay" (about 1K) takes longer to compile than a 5K program on 0022. What is the point of developing new PCB's like the UNO which boast faster upload times if your compile time is now more than 5x slower?

An Arduino clone with an ATmega8 MCU and Arduino 0022 now uploads quicker! That's what I call reverse engineering!

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the newer IDE has a tone() command that makes piezo and speaker stuff much easier for Calculon. But otherwise, he has found the experience to be crap.

Does the UNO bootloader load sketches from 022? Calculon has been unwilling to buy anything UNO for this exact concern.  

I only recently switched to Arduino 1.01. Have had no problems bootloading a couple of ATmega328's and ATmega1284's. I run Arduino on Gentoo Linux with a self compiled avr-gcc toolchain. It took me quite some time to get the toolchain working. I quickly found out that Arduino 1.01 produces much bigger programs then 0023 which I used before. I have some sketches that compiled fine in 0023 but are now to big to fit in an ATmega328.

I also hate how the new 1.01 doesn't highlight the line of code with the issue! Makes finding the bugs way more difficult. Reading through 300 lines of code to find out that I forgot a double (( really sucks. They really need to fix this.

I had a quick look for a page on the arduino site detailing the changes between versions and bugs and bugfixes but I didn't see one?
I must admit I only use arduino for quick and dirty testing of ideas or parts and nothing really serious and for this reason I've been happy to keep at version 0021.
I don't blame you and Ctc for being pissed off about it. They are making more work and stress for you guys because your customers must come at you with why does this not work. And you don't need those extra kind of problems to solve above the usual didn't read the manual problems or using the wrong battery etc. when you are trying to make a living.

I use 0022 for most of my code however for chips that have limited memory like the ATmega8A I found that the programs compiled to a smaller size with 0018.

I happen to be fond of the 20's --0022 is probably the best.

Beyond that, yes! Everything you have said is 100% spot on and it pisses me off as well. If nothing else, I have to code, zip and post 2 sets of example code now. Pre-1.0 and 1.0+. 

Everything used to compile, now it does not. Worse yet, I have not found one bit of extra functionallity that does anything for me what-so-ever.

I'm with you there CtC. That's my favorite version too. I keep about three different versions of Arduino IDE in the dock at any one time, but 022 seems to work best for ATTiny programming with the G5.

I started out with the 1.01 version. After many, many attempts to install a bootloader to a breadboarded 328P using a rev3 Uno, I saw a tutorial on Adafruit where it was noted that 1.0.1 would not install the bootloader.

I installed version 1.00 and was able to sucessfully install the bootloader on a blank chip. There is something wrong with 1.01, IMHO.

I did not downlaod the 1.01 yet but considering what you about it it's likely that I am not doing it any time. 

I was already upset when the changed the extention from .pde (0022) to .ino (1.0)