Let's Make Robots!

Are you good at something like Google Sketchup?


I'm working on next gen Start Here robot, and I could use your help.

rik told me that .. well, let me quote him here:

And: I made a few suggestions. My best one is adding one or two sketches of the intended robot or half-robot. Kinda like a preview or a psychic premonition. "This is what we are now working towards.¨ That's why it must not be a photo, but a rough sketch of diagram. It will also "teach" that it is OK when the end result changes a lot from the intended design.

I think he may be right: It'd be nice for the very beginner to easily understand the basic physical appearence of the robot: Imagine being all confused about wires, sensors, batteries etc - and then there's the strange steering, wtf?

So, if you can, it'd be a great help to see a (3D) sectch, in which these parts are illustrated in one color, perhaps blue:

    •    Wheels
    •    Servo
    •    Motor
    •    Sensor

These are what needs to be in pretty much same places as in my example. But the ..

    •    Batteries
    •    Speaker
    •    Prints

- can be anywhere, and so they can be drawn in another color - perhaps semi-transparent in red?

Everything can just be made with rough boxes, simple style (well, the wheels should be round, I guess) - but the purpose of the illustration is to let the very newbee understand what is "mechanical needs", and what can be "up to your own design".

If you can do this, it'd be a great help!

I am in the process of re-writing the text, and I am expecting a test-bundle by mail, so I can make new pictures - basically make a new robot, the "go-live-version" - and we could work together :)

Slideshow of BETA robot here


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Heads up, its not google sketchup anymore :D

Some other company bought it a while ago.

Its now trimble sketchup. 

Whoa! Google sold something? I thought they only bought stuff!

I guess that is changing under the new CEO.

It's like the "I'll let you buy my toy, as long as I can still play with it. :P

nevermind, i missunderstood that it was for the new SHR bot.



well, this was what I could wip up in the last few hours

the dimensions obviously are false, but I did try to eyeball the proportions and represent them as all as I could, for a draft.

I can send you (or some sketchup guru) the skp file for improvements if you deem this draft suitable.


Thanks guys :) it was actually a fun project to do and as a bonus helps me keep and develop my GS8 skills :P it's actually my first multi-part project not counting the tutorial table I've replicated :P

Frits, the email link above sent me to a broken node but I've just picked your email from the LMR notification emails. I'm expecting it is the same email or you otherwise have access to it, but if you somehow don't get the file let me know. 

Wow, that looks great. Good job, kariloy.


This is aboslutely brilliant!!! Excactly what I was going for, fantastic, kariloy!

I'd really appresicate to have this, as I can use it as "now we are working on this part"-pictures. Thanks!!

My e-mail address is here

Thanks a bunch - also to everyone else who rushed in to help - task solved by kariloy :)

I have done some robot models in SketchUp. For testing I have uploaded a blue Servo, blue ultrasonic sensor, and a red battery holder to my SketchUp library. Is this helpful? What are the dimensions of your wheels?