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Assembler question out of curiosity

I'm just curious if anybody of you uses assembler to program the µC on his robot.

I have had a look at AVR assembler and I know you can create super efficient programs (regarding code size and execution time) but I find it somewhat cumbersome to set a whole bunch of labels and comparisons up just for a simple for loop + delay.

Ok in the end everything ends up being an assembler listing and then a hex-file but I find it much easier to work with higher level languages like C because of ease of debugging (where ease is relative :P) and because it's simpler to read. 

I'm asking because on a german forum I have seen a guy programming a hexapod (and you know these guys ain't that easy to program) completely in assembler (couple of thousand lines of code). Anyone else doing this?

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I use assembler for all my smaller micro projects. I learnt assembler so I'd have a better understanding of low-level coding and microcontroller architecture, but now that I'm familiar with it I find it quite easy to use for simple projects. No need to worry about library compatibility or running out of program memory etc.

At work I use several C/C++ style programming IDEs, as well as ladder logic, flowcharting/SFC, function block diagrams...
So it's nice to use something different for my personal projects.

I still use C for bigger personal projects, but because I know assembler I can always go back and optimise the compiler output afterwards. Using a mid/high-level language and then optimising the output gives you the best of both worlds =)