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Beware: Your 3D printer might be trying to kill you


Well, here is some scientific support (see attached pdf) to why your 3D printer might try to at very least harm you!

The study only incides over particle emission, and not the chemical nature of the emitted particles and yet it can be scary enough. That, added with my reported symptons after going on a 3D (ABS) printing binge: persistant chest pains/disconfort should be enough to keep you on your toes.


So you better ventilate/filtrate if you're into this messy business.

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polycarbonate abs ( PC ABS ) filament long term expose  is reported to kill you, not before it turn men into women, and the effects on fish and other animals doesn't make for bed time reading..




I didn't realize that 3d printers put out such fine particles just like woodworking equipment.  I wonder if the air filter device I use for woodworking would be able to filter such small stuff. 

It doesn't change anything; I still want a 3d printer. 



Great, now my printer wants to kill me too :|