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im looking to upgrade my Picaxe 28X robot to be controlled by with bluetooth....
if i get a USB adaptor module to plug into my computer what should i use to recieve the signal?
also what kind of program would i need to control the robot?

thanks muchly

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It is the bluesmirf from Sparkfun that you want. As for control programs, you will need to write one on the computer side using what ever you want (C, Java, VB, processing etc.) and also one in Basic for the picaxe to recieve the data.

Also, while bluetooth is sexy, you may want to look into an RF link on both your serial port and robot. Much cheaper and it seems like it would be easier.

If you go with rf, I'd use something that gives you a solid connection like an xbee.

Otherwise bluesmirf and a dongle like Chris mentioned.