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BUY Pan / Tilt Kit


 Where can I buy:


 like to refer to a Web site where I can buy it.












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Definitely something to consider for my next bot. Was thinking this would be great for the neck, depending on the stats of the servos. If they can handle half a kilo or so it'd be great.

These are the servos used: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/9099

The pan/tilt sensor bracket was not designed for heavy loads, only lightweight sensors. Although the servos might have enough torque I don't recomend it.

You can click the users name next to their icon then on the profile page click contact.
Is there one who will assist with an e-mal address?
I have forwarded your request to Claudia, give her your details, she will give you the price including the shipping cost and payment options.
I Think the post explains it, but it's as easy as sending a message to LMR member CLAUDIA. Then she'll contact you to agree on shipping and payment details

Dir CaptainTuna

 I find a PDF document and the product I had lete after number 23rd

 but could not find the spot where I could buy?