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Campus Party 2013 LMR division

Campus Party has been awesome meetup-events for LMR members, and we have often been given .. very good conditions, only we should not write about that in public, because it's a complex world of sponsors and participants and dealings.

Those who went can confirm that it is really the coolest thing to meet up and .. it cannot really be expplained, but it's really, really awesome, despite any possible trouble, it has been really, really awesome to meet each other!

For some reason, I (Frits) have had a function as main contact to Campus Party, whilst others have taken great and amazing "I take this responsibility myself"-jobs for everything from creating banners, T-shirts, helping with this and that along the way to make freaking furious fantastic experiences for all who participates!

This year I am just too behind on too many levels, and I'd really appreciate if someone else would see what deals they could make, set up mailing lists / google website or similar for people to discuss in private how we should go as a team.

So, if you are up for it, please write something as a comment here - and a good next step would be to write that you have made some form of list or Google form or something to collect e-mail addresses and from there on we can see who should get in touch with the CP people etc.

I'll go if I can at all (which I do not see why I can not), and I'll pass on all info I have, but we need you guys to take charge completely if this is to happen. I hope you understand, and I beleive we can prove again that we are the funkiest nerds on the planet :D

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I can't come to the Campus Party, but I can surely help you guys from here in India.

Awesome! I have signed up :)

  1. We will also need to coordinate who will be our contact person the the Campus party. Lumi, you have had some interesting talks with them, are you the LMR main man this year?
  2. And we need information to the people: What is CP, what do you need to do, what does it cost etc. We need to bombard members on the front page, so everyone knows this - even if they only check in once every now and then. This information need to match what agreements our main contact has made with CP. If I get paste-ready HTML, I will throw it up on the front page for everyone to see. Need to be rather small, but with a picture, so it can stay on front page for a looong time.

1. I could be. I just adjusted my travel plans for the holiday and need to double check with wife and company but yeah...I'll be there!!!

2. I will take care of that too. Also will seek for some help from the "old CP LMR team" to split the workload. For now we will keep this thread for the information and when we got some confirmed facts then we can start a sign up thread. For the front page I will prepare some round-up info with pictures from last year. we also might contact Angel and Deniz (are you guys still reading here?)

@vishu: I just signed up!!!

Right now I'm in the middle of the university's exams, but once they're finished, by the end of June, I can help in anything I can.

Just one thing, it would be great if this year we had certainties about the travel sooner so that we could book cheaper flights if needed :)


Partyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

Paaartyyyyyyy :D

Well done Frits & vishu, that's a start.

I would really miss you in London Frits, so please try to make it anyway. I will also try to keep the folks together and with help of vishu...we can already start to gather possible participants.

Letsmakerobots will again have a huge impact on the Campus Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :-)

"try to make it anyway."? - I must have been unclear: If we are going, I will do what ever I can to come. I am going, that is the plan here - sorry for any confusion.

I am just saying (trying to say) that I dont feel fit to take on any tasks of organizing. Basically I have to kill everything untill LMRv4 is up and running, this must happen.

Got it....so we will see each other again...awesome :-)

Take care of LMRv4 and we will handle the CP thing. Don't worry, it's a piece of cake \o/

Sorry...that post should be a reply...

Someone who has been to CP 2012, please post a list of things that need to be done on the organisation front. I too have exams starting on 3rd but I'll try to help you if I can.