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Campus Party 2013 LMR division

Campus Party has been awesome meetup-events for LMR members, and we have often been given .. very good conditions, only we should not write about that in public, because it's a complex world of sponsors and participants and dealings.

Those who went can confirm that it is really the coolest thing to meet up and .. it cannot really be expplained, but it's really, really awesome, despite any possible trouble, it has been really, really awesome to meet each other!

For some reason, I (Frits) have had a function as main contact to Campus Party, whilst others have taken great and amazing "I take this responsibility myself"-jobs for everything from creating banners, T-shirts, helping with this and that along the way to make freaking furious fantastic experiences for all who participates!

This year I am just too behind on too many levels, and I'd really appreciate if someone else would see what deals they could make, set up mailing lists / google website or similar for people to discuss in private how we should go as a team.

So, if you are up for it, please write something as a comment here - and a good next step would be to write that you have made some form of list or Google form or something to collect e-mail addresses and from there on we can see who should get in touch with the CP people etc.

I'll go if I can at all (which I do not see why I can not), and I'll pass on all info I have, but we need you guys to take charge completely if this is to happen. I hope you understand, and I beleive we can prove again that we are the funkiest nerds on the planet :D

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...not shure if can make it. But I kept an ace for mid next week. But I make shure that I stay awake 24hrs. Make shure you let the tent managers know that one fellow will join so the tent is booked out. Rock on!

But Nils, booking has to be done now - they are closing. And as written in mail, your address is not registered. Just register / send me the mail you use, book tent, I'll keep the pillow warm..

Dude, that's the whole freakin issue: Tent managers will not listen to me, there is a system in which I need to insert your e-mail that has the ticket - or you need to insert mine.

If this is not happening, both of us will end up with a random chip tuner.

I'm not even sure they are not closed allready.

You need to get in touch with me by mail, or even better sign in and fill out.

I'm in!

I am in too, as well RobotFreak and our buddies from roboternetz.de :-)

In the train from the airport, spending money on roaming. 

London calling. FrankenBoB und BoBette are waitíng for some robot campuseros. Greatings from Campus Party.


sitting in Calgary airport. Leaving for London soon. will be there third morning. see you guys! partyyyy! :-) hey Xico, did we get a decent tent? :-)

move your a** :-D

Dude, we're waiting for you. Push the pilot to fly faster :-D

Yep, the tent area is ok, a bit less toilets but ok.

At least the ground underneath it is much better than in Berlin :D