Let's Make Robots!

Campus Party Berlin 2012 LMR division

This is fantastic, and NOT a (bad) joke, and it's not spam - free as in free beer. It is an amazing chance brought to you because you are LMR: (Ask Dutchbot, rik, fritsl, Anton, Tinhead.. any of the guys who went last time if it was not the coolest thing EVER (and this time it is 4 times as big))

If you are an LMR member, and in Europe on 21st -> 26th of August 2012, this can be all free for you - yep, paid for, just sign up, tell us what you are planning to bring and have fun:

  • Campus Party will set up a tent (possibly indoor) for you. (Bring sleeping bag, details to come)
  • LMR is working together with Campus Party in order to arrange special LMR Nights at the event!
  • Meet friends, bring robots, heck bring soldering iron, make a robot on the spot!
  • Hear famous people and speakers
  • See more tech and future stuff than you have ever seen before

Stay tuned at http://www.campus-party.eu/2012/index.html and do not hesitate to contact our friend, Angel (angel.hernandez@campus-party.org or @mifulapirus) the Robotics Advisor at Campus Party if you have any questions about the event.

It'll be a memory for life, if it's just half as cool as last time!!

This is what we have arranged, this is how you sign up:

1) Officially sign up to this contest: http://www.campus-party.eu/2012/invitations-program.html (You just have to do the tweet, that makes you participate in the official contest, you do not need to sign up on the page. For geo-setup of Twitter, this might help you, read carefully it's all there ;)  http://support.twitter.com/articles/122236#) - Here is Frits's tweet, as an example:

2) Just after entering the contest, submit this form ;)

We will get back to you ;)


Q's & A's;

  • Should you be European citizen to participate? Please read carefully what is written above - it is not a random wording. (Your passport will not be checked ;) 
  • What if you already talked to us, wrote Fritsl a mail about this? Then you should still sign up as written above!

Click on the sign below for more info on the event itself :) The deal is; The people arranging that need many nerds, and we are the largest bunch, so we help each other out this way - they make an LMR event out of it ;)

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Got my code too. See you all in Berlin \o/

yay! I've got the invitational code! :D

See you all in berlin ;)

because the company that I am working for is moving in a new building in August and I am the network guy :(

Fritsl, please remove me from the list.

Wish you all a great meeting!

That's too bad cr0c0. You company got a bad timing with the move :-(

I managed to sign up!

(That was not easy :D)

It's about time Frits...see you in about 6 weeks ;-)

Ukraine for some reason, I mailed Angel.

So ... considering we all tweeted and stuff can we get some LMR division related info? Angel, DG? 

I have to know if I have to get plane tickets, and that if I do get them I have a tent to sit in....

Twitter does strange, strange things sometimes. Anytime anyone has any problems with their tweets please email me with your twitter handle and location and I can have them put manually on the map!

The official competition is now closed, however if you tweeted before the 30th I can make sure you're accounted for on our map. 

I want to recap that ALL LMR members have a free ticket and camping space regardless, the only thing I can not guarantee is transportation. Once you confirm that you are able to join us August 21-26th email me deniz@campus-party.org and I will give you a registration code that you can use to sign up and redeem your free ticket. 

Thanks for the info I'll PM you. 

Angel sorted out my Twitter location I'm on the map :)


Recently I have emailed to Angel and clarified that there are a lot of twitter issues. People that have been experiencing twitter problems should have contacted with Angel and/or DG and followed fritsl recommendations (Thanks!).