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Cheap PCB manufacturers in europe.

Hi, I started making my own PCB's a while ago, but since then my current pcb making requires two layers, and more smd parts, so i cant really use a shitty laser printer and toner transfer method...

I am making an insulator and all, BUT i want silk screen, solder mask and fancy coloured boards, and parts reference written on the board, so  a lot of layers, i don't want to make 1000 + PCBs, just two or three, and i would like them cheap, and short shipping time.

I was looking at olimex, and it looks pretty good, but aren't there any closer to Portugal?

thank youu.

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Cheap, PCB manufacturing and Europe don't belong in one sentence :p Four days ago I ordered 30 PCB's (3 different designs) from Seeedstudio, today I got an email that they are shipped. I chose the free shipping so it will take about 2 weeks till the boards are here. You can pay (40$ or so) extra for DHL shipping, then you'll have the boards in less then a week I think. I've ordered some expensive things in China the last year and had them shipped by DHL, took only 4-5 days.

Hi, Olimex closed some months ago.

I found a really cheap pcb house in my country (Spain), I thinks it's the cheapest for one or few prototypes, they have online calculator, and only 3 to 5 days manufacturing time.

The web is:


and the calculator to check price is:


Can anybody tell me if there's a cheaper alternative for only one proto and with fabrication in europe?, can't wait so long in protos for china fabs.

I'm also seeking chinese component distributors, is alibaba web trusty? 



check http://www.eurocircuits.com/ ,not exactly cheap as olimex or batchpcb, but they do prototypes.

One good thing about it, is that beeing Europe you don't get any "surprises" from customs