Let's Make Robots!

Children of the corn... and... ahem petroleum too

Well, finally the Makibox is supposed to start production this week. Meanwhile I can just stare at this:

while I wait for my order to be produced and shipped :P

Yup, I just couldn't help myself and got a roll of ABS and another of PLA :|

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Nice colors.They look good together. A box fill of robot spaghetti waiting to be formed. Amongst something for the misses when she finds out what you got in the mail.  :X

Yeah, I also think the colors complement each other as in making a nice contrast... let's see I much of it I can turn into NOT puddles of plastic :P


Yeah, I think I've already told her,but haven't shown her. I don't think she will be interest until it really is shaped as anything she might like :P typicall women... :P

The colors look nice and solid were I get my pla its a bit more translucent but I am cheap, you will be printing in no time my friend, and when running test prints, problems show up fast at 150mm as opposed to 50mm, once the small cubes look reasonable, think big wheels or squares you do not have to finish them and it really helps you tweek. Heck you probably won;t even have to!

Well, actually this were the cheapest I could get :P I'm cheap too, it was just luck that it looked so yellow bright (one of the colors I was coveting)... now let's hope it just prints as good as it looks ;) 

As long as it seems to be taking to deliver on these, by the time you get yours I'll probably have a job again and be able to afford one too.

Hear hear!

Albeit it was the R&D that was lenghty, once production starts I expect it to be a breeze :D


If the Maki never shows up you can always use it in a string trimmer.

It will show up sooner or later... the alternatively would be the early onset of the Doomsday :|


More so, a string trimmer would be all that useful to me..., I could probably do some pancakes with the PLA... and just melt the ABS into desired shapes fueled by rage! >:| but there's no need, and also I have to save up rage for far more important stuff :|