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cogs, pulleys, levers, buttons, pulleys, belts- how can I make a mexican wave movement?

How can I make a mexican wave movement?


I no nothing electronically or mechanicaly, therefore whatever I do must rely on simple ways.

I have some servo's, and a servo tester ( to create a constant movement for me) and can get hold of anything I may need.


what construction do I need to create a 'mexican wave effect'?


This is needed for my 'flopping fish' project.





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No idea what a "Mexican wave effect" is.


Cheers Oddbot. I've have a go.


Salvage; You've not heard of a 'mexican wave'? that's a little strange....


You couldn't link me to an example of a geared motor with a long shaft could you? ... I don't really know what I'm looking for....



Thanks again...

buy one geared motor, and buy one long shaft, attach these together...

Is your mexican wave the fenomenon where all the spectators on a sport stadium audience rise up from their seat, and everybody does it half a second later than the person to their right, thus creating an illusion of a wave traveling around the stadium?

What kind of size/weight/etc will this thing be? If it's fairly small a motor from polulu or solarbotics will do, If you're making it in a 1:1 scale you'll need 6000 wheel-chair motors...

Living in a border state, the only Mexican wave I'm familiar with is the flood of illegals coming accross our border, but I was pretty sure that isn't what you were talking about:-)



Yes that's the mexican wave :).

I am making it to scale yes. The fishes body ( not including the tail) is hand sized.