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connecting an LCD to picaxe 28X1 project board

Recently, I ripped open a toy and it had an LCD display connected to a board.I want to connect my Picaxe 28X1 project board to the LCD so i can display messages on it


this is the picture of the LCD, if you want more pictures please let me know.

Help will be appreciated


new picture

this is the board attached to the LCD



I've decided to abondon this. i will follow chris's suggestion and buy myself a LCD. any cheap ones you guys know of?

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We need to see the back of the LCD itself. In the meantime, start looking for serial enabled LCD controllers and find one that might match what you have got. For the record, LCD's are quite cheap. Simply buying one is a small investment and will save you a lot of headaches.

FYI that IC on the back of the PCB in the 2nd photo is a 2k EEPROM.

You'll need to detach the LCD from the PCB before you can see any of the real parts (LCD controller, if external, microcontroller, LCD connections, etc).


i just woke up iam opening it ill post it in an hour

Your toy looks very like Littlest Pet Digital Pets

If that is the case then I don't think you will be able to use it. It's not a regular ASCII LCD but a pixel based LCD where you have to address every pixel by it self. How you would be able to do that with a PICAXE 28X1 I don't know.
But if you do get it to work, please post a tutorial afterwards. 

hehe, it is a digital pet. It belonged to my cousin who is a 6 year old . good observation skills man, seriously

 check out www.junun.org/MarkIII/Store.jsp , they have 2 lcd's for sale a 20x4 for $14.00 and a 16x2 for $8.00, I just ordered the 16x2 myself, I'll try and let you know how it works, that is if you haven't purchased one yet. these come with the controllers if I read the data sheet right. good luck.

 i didnt order it yet, how much does the shipping cost

The junun.org unit linked above seems a little funny... I looked up the data sheet for the "hitachi-compatible controler" and it does not seem serial enabled. Also, at 8 bucks there is another indication that it is not. As we told you and linked to via shoutbox, you should buy a serial enabled LCD -or- a LCD with a serial backpack. I would suggest, if you are running this off of a picaxe, you should buy a picaxe LCD. If this is your first time working with a new product, it is wise to buy one that is the most "standard". The one shown in the link above is not really set up for a beginner whereas the picaxe LCD comes with detailed drawings on how to connect it, has examples of code, etc. etc. --If you buy a off-brand LCD or one that requires parallel comunications, you will spend hours translating arduino code (if you can find any) or pouring over many pages of data sheets trying to find the information you need. Not to mention, if you needed help around here, you will have higher probability of finding someone who has worked with a picaxe LCD or a Sparkfun LCD than an off-brand one. Cheap turns into pain-in-the-ass quite quickly.