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Cool and easy belt tracks / treads

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Nice litle set of belt-tracks. Kinda cute!


Price is for a pair!

You will need to sort out how to mount the 2 axels that are not on the motor, but it can be done quite easily: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/112

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I ordered a pair of these with GM9 and Yellow tracks, and I cannot wait to get them! :D


How well do they work and what motor did you order with yours? 

Well - they work pretty well :)

I cannot remember which ratio I ordered, sorry - 143:1, could that be it, I suppose?

/ Fritsl

It seems we have bought them all :)

/ Fritsl

I just bought this track by it self today for $11 and also found this store near where I live. I new a few more thing to built my DYM. If you want your track to be yellow y not pain them yellow lol. I will give my robot a make over when I am done builting them.