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Custom Babblebot (soundgin) shield programming-how to play allophones?

Hey Fritz- You posted elsewhere that you'd done some work with this chip. I have one set up with an arduino and I'm getting it to work in demo mode(pin 13 to gnd) but whenever I try to send serial information to it I get unpredictable and unrepeatable results. Any pointers on how to tell it to use which allophone in a sketch? Thanks!

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Thanks anyway, Fritz. It's appreciated. And yes, the thing has more bugs in it than an Alabama Pancake house.

And such a shame, it's 90% there, and it could be really, like REALLY cool!

But it's not.

At all.

Sorry for the very late reply :)

And dissapinting and poor answer; THe SoundGin is FULL OF BUGS, and the documentation and support is A MESS.

I wrote the people behind, and all was a mess.

I have given up on it, and will not touch it, not even think about it.


I'd find alternatives.

I just bought one of these things. It seems complex but I love a challenge. No good, huh. I should have known since you can't find hardly any examples of the thing on the net.

I've been setting it to 9600-I think that's default for the chip though.  As noted elsewhere, the documentation is aweful.

2400 or 9600 Baud Serial Connection  this might be  the  issue