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Custom home-made interior tracks

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Since I saw the outdoor tracks made by http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29808 and http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-custom-and-strong-tank-tracks-for-very/ I've been thinking about building the same concept, but for interior. The challenge for interiour is to cover the bolts so that they won't screw you new carpet. So, here is my secret mixture:

- 2 bicycle chains, each one splitted in half to produce the support for each track. Be carefull that for splitting chain you need a special tool ( very cheap on amazon), because othervise you will end up frustrated that you cannot split it

- 2 bicycle rubber tires ( I used the interior rubber, but I believe you can use the exterior one if you want)

- some plastic bars for building the internal structure of your track ( I used 3 * 1 m @ about 3cm)

- nuts and bolts, any flawor you prefer

Here I attached some pictures. Enjoy !

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Did you end up building this into a robot/vehicle? I'd love to see pictures.

I'm interested to know more about what wheel/gear/motors you used with these. I'm confident I could build the tracks myself, but worried about how to actually drive them.

We manage to build the robot as well, but ... we did not manage to build a good driving system. We mounted each of these tracks on three rubber wheels, power up by an electric motor. The transmision was 1 to 1 from the motor, so no gearbox was used.

Hope it helps.