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Dagu Grip

Vendor's Description: 

This is Robot arm Grip from Dagu. This gripper made from 3mm thick aluminium and comes with 2 servos. The gripper will open in excess of 50mm. The servos provide 2.3Kg/cm of torque at 6V. 1.8Kg/cm@4.8V. 

Grip Length


The grip mechanism uses a scissor action to open and close the gripper, so the grip length changes depending on the

grip width (the distance between the jaws of the grip mechanism). 



The grip length is 10.6cm when close and 8.4cm when open.To determine the relationship of length to width, the grip length was measured at various grip widths and the results were plotted (in cm units).



 The trend line was not a straight line. It was determined to be a third order polynomial:


y = -1.809205E-02x3 + 5.568734E-02x2 - 2.001206E-01x + 1.063953E+01


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Is there anywhere in the UK that sells these?

i don't know where in UK. But shipping by DHL express from China to UK directly is possible.