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DAGU parts price list for LMR members only

I have now removed the pricelist as we now have distributors in Europe and America.

European customers can buy from: Arexx Engineering or Conrad.

American customers can now buy from Robot Shop.

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hay how much is the servo controler in the arm? and can u use it with a picaxe or arduino? like with a serial line?
I haven't put it on the list yet as I cannot get a good english translation. It should work fine as a serial device but I need to find out what data you need to send it. Presumeably you send it 1 byte to specify the servo and 2bytes for the position.
In the pricelist there's mentioned that USB version of the controller will be available in the near future. Any estimates when this might be?
I don't know when. This was developed by a local university professor and as such there is no timetable.

hey OddBot! this is awesome! We get a members discount!

I looked through this and I did not see any servo grippers... are the grippers not on the LMR discount list?

I've attached the new price list with the gripper on it

Wow that gripper is a great value! Since it comes with two servos that you also sell for abou $12 each, that's like $6 for a beautifully engineered and fabricated gripper!

Great stuff!

I want that kit, tell me how to get it, please
Email Claudia with your address, phone number and order. She will calculate the shipping cost and advise you on payment details.

It would be easier to calculate the shipping costs before placing an order, when the Dagu parts list would have a column with the weight of each item. Would that be possible?  

BTW. I ordered 2 times from Dagu via Paypal with absolutely no problems.