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Drive train for Heavy robots

I'm trying to build a robot that is vision based. To do that I'm using roborealm (Amazing software its FREE!!!!) but it neeeds to run on a PC. I can't seem to find a cheep drive train to move the computer + a light weight robotic arm. Can someone please help me?!!!


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Walter uses 2 Dewalt drill motors for drive with a final chain and sprocket reduction of about 5:1. Both motors together draw about 40 amps just driving the robot around -about 60 lbs, I would assume it would be about double that with a person on top (which we have done!) Bottom line: With walter's drive set-up, he can move about 200 lbs around.

Walters first post (at the beginning) with chassis info

ONly a carpenter would have two dewalt drills lying aroudn that he can use, i have one but my missus would kick my arse if i took it appart, she bought it for me. 

Where could I find gears and such that aren't that expensive?


Scavenging copy machines. Takes some time and can be messy (toner).

They have cheap gears but they are nylon so they won't take a lot of weight and they can get ground down pretty easily.

I got all my sprockets from old bikes. Free from good-will.