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Female to female headers

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Trust me; You REALLY want these. Really. They come in other lenghts as well.

Uh, so nice to have. So nice!!

Uh - forgot to ad shop, link: Here it is, compare price, much less than half of anywhere else:



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I buy from sparkfun and got theirs that have the pin connector. They fit on the picaxe like a glove. :D

Just a few places, prices advertised Sept 15, 2008 :

http://store.gravitech.us/juwipaffq24.html  24 for $7.99  0.33 each

  30 for $10.99  0.37 each  (10 for $3.99 0.40 each)

http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8430  10 for $3.95  0.40 each

-uses housings rather than heat shrink ends

https://www.roboticsconnection.com/p-32-12-jumper-wires-female-to-female.aspx  5 for $6.50  $1.30 each !!!


Or making your own : 


- female crimp pins Jameco part #100766  10+ 0.154   100+ 0.121
- 10 foot 10 wire multicolor ribbon cable 28 guage part #639671 $3.55
- 100 foot stranded 24 guage. part #105912 $7.99
- 39" 1/8 heat shrink tubing part #71281 0.69
- 36 pin housing part #103150 1 0.54  10 0.50 100 .433 1000 .389  10 for $5
- crimper part #99143 Hanlong tool HT-202A $9.49



 I found this shop surfing around:

http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/1-pin-dualfemale-jumper-wire-100mm-50pcs-pack-p-260.html 50 for $4.99  0.10 each

 I have not buyed anything there yet.

I hate you!


Jus today I recieved a huge bulk of excactly the same, only double the price or something :P

Hey, that's an interesting shop, btw :)

maby I don't hate you anywy ;D


I found the link to this shop in http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Buy

 I want to buy an Arduino and I was looking for the cheapest shop. And as a good rookie I read the "start here" tutorial where you recommended this type of headers.

I forgive you your "hate"

Pricing is decent and shipping from China was actually cheaper than I can ship domestically!

Very nice list, thanks.

Whatever you do, don't make our own. It takes SO much time.

Teach your girlfriend / wife / mom how to, and tell her it is fun!

I've been making my own mostly, but those prices make it pretty tempting.

Hmm, pulling a Tom Sawyer on someone, getting them to do it, might just be the ticket.

if only i could find anywhere in the Uk that sold the blasted things.

 edit: bad lazy christopher, he shall make his own. 0.1" crimps are on the way - could only bulk buy 500 hundred, so if you want some for free, drop me a quick note and you are welcome to a handfull.