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Getting data from remote Arduino.

Hi, I've one Arduino Duemilanove board connected with Xbee Shield and want to send data of Signal "H" and "L" for every 3 seconds to my PC. I've another Xbee on Xbee Adapter Kit connected to the PC. My aim is to transfer the data from the remote Arduino to the PC but I can't get it right. Neither the "Terminal" of X-CTU nor the "Serial Monitor" of arduino software show the signal from my remote Arduino.

My step for setting up the connection is as follow. Please help to correct me if I have done something wrong or left something:
1. Put both the jumpers on Xbee Shield towards the usb (outwards position). Then attach it on top of Arduino, connect it to PC.
2. Upload my program to Arduino with Arduino software.
3. Unplug my Arduino from usb. Change jumpers positon towards the Xbee (inwards position).
4. Connect the second Xbee serially to the PC via adapter kit.
5. Configure the setting in X-CTU by changing the ID, DH, DL and BD  (Interface Data Rate). Press the "Write" button (it's result is Writing...complete).


for your informaiton my program code on arduino is as follow:

const int ledPin = 13;

void setup()
   pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);

void loop()
   digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);

   digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);

Do I need to add anything to this code to get the 2 Xbee communicate with each other?

These are all steps that I've done but I couldn't get the signal on "Terminal" and "Serial Monitor". Hope that you can help to rectify my problem. Thanks.