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A good place to buy stuff in the UK

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy parts etc. in the UK. Obviously there is the picaxe store for the parts available on there. I was searching for stuff and it seems to fairly cheap and most parts are available form rapidonline.com but they don't sell stuff that is more robot specific and less general electrics.

Where do you guys get stuff from in the UK, or any UK store that you may use from abroad?

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Robotic bits: just shop around on the web. There doesn't seem to be one good place for everything you might need. Don't forget to include the EU in your search.

Electronics: I use Maplin - there's a shop just round the corner from home; RS C omponents - but it needs to be a big order to justify the P&P; Rapid Electronics - a wide range of parts (including some robotic and BEAM specific) and reasonable P&P, and finally eBay

Thanks, Technobots was just the sort of thing I was looking for.

Maplin is quite good, but not the cheapest. Sometimes I have ordered other things from them, but usually I've found it cheaper to buy elsewhere.

yeah maplin is a bit pricy, especialy when you convert it in to euros !!!! but sometimes is it just for that one part it beats waiting for the post...
i think there is Maplin in the UK ?

I'm lucky in that I live in southampton so its just a short drive to


they stock picaxe + lots of other useful bits