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GRoboduino - Arduino-based Robotics Motherboard

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GRoboduino is a robotics motherboard based on Arduino / AVR processor, featuring many on-board peripherals. It is designed for beginners who need an easy to-start-with platform for their first robot, as well as experienced users who want a complete and stable solution (hardware + software library), to base their more complex projects.




* Processor: ATMega328 @ 16MHz, pre-loaded with Arduino Bootloader

* Motor Controller: Dual H-Bridge, 600mA / motor (1.2A peak)

* Sound: Generic Buzzer (on Pin 10)

* Leds: Power LED and Programmable LED on Pin 13

* Analog Pins: 6

* Digital Pins: 8 – 14 (depending on how the analog ports are used)

* All pins are servo-compatible

* Motor Connections: Screw Terminals

* Power Supply: On Board 78S05 (IN: 7.5v – 15v, OUT: 5v, 2A)

* Motor Power Supply: User configurable, power from internal regulator (Vcc = 5v, 2A) or Power In (Vin = 7.5v - 15v)

* FTDI Connector

* Arduino Library for all peripherals



You can download the user manual, BOM, Software Library, schematics etc from http://dexterslabgr.blogspot.com/

Available for purchase from futurehouse.gr

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There are now a couple of these smart "all-in-one-arduino-robot-boards" on the market. When I have to see which are the best, of course I look at build quality, features and the like. And in these categories this board is in the class with the best, IMHO. But perhaps more interesting for me, is the documentation, and in that class this board is a top hit!

It is a joy to start using, I recommend it!