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How To Bypass The Great Firewall of China

We have many visitors from china that have problems watching some of our stuff

If you are in China, you probably are aware that

A) There are restrictions to your Internet

B) There are ways to bypass these restrictions

Now, I am not at all an expert in this, have never been to China, and do not know if it works.

However, I think information wants to be free, and so, here is a copy of what I found on


•    Anonymous proxy (free) – many free services provide web-based proxies [1, 2, 3, 4].

•    Witopia (paid) – VPN service which provides relatively fast service. Review here.

•    Freedur (paid) – VPN service which provides 30 day free trial.   

•    Hotspot Shield (free) – another VPN service which provides free service but slow.  

•    Tor (free) – slow but very secure p2p onion routing network. Guide here.  

•    SSH tunnel (requires server) – for more technical people see this guide here   (if you don’t have a server try this one).

If you’re using an old fashioned proxy server you may find Firefox plugins like FoxyProxy  or Gladder  useful for switching connections across multiple proxy servers based on URL patterns. For Chinese speakers (and savvy non-speakers) you may find this sitevery useful.

If you have more info or can help, please comment below, thanks.

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I am chinese.

These days I do not get much time to look at LMR. The only real problem was lack of access to you tube. Markus has been a big help there.


If anyone here starts losing hair he's probably been thallium capped ;)

I live in China, have also a useful proxy, send you after request via email.