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How to contol servo speed from serial

Hello all

I have  renbotics ServoShield and I have made a code on arduino where from serialport I can send commads to servos and it happens with that way... S01P1200,S14P2300etc..I mean that  Servo 1 to 1200 posion and servo 14 to 2300 posion

NowI have one problem.How can I control the servo's  speed from serial port? For example S01P1200F.... 1 SERVO, 1200 POSION, F = SPEED...Is  there any code for controlling  servos speed so that I  can take it and include it into my code? As I know  servoshield 1.5 library I use , can't support any speed control.

My code that moves servo is this , but how can I contol the speed?o you have any clue?



case 's':  
     char servoid[extractedCommand.substring(1,3).length() + 1];
     char servopos[extractedCommand.substring(4,8).length() + 1];
     extractedCommand.substring(1,3).toCharArray(servoid, sizeof(servoid));
     extractedCommand.substring(4,8).toCharArray(servopos, sizeof(servopos));
     // Convert extracted strings to integers
     int sid = atoi(servoid);
     int spos = atoi(servopos);
     //Print some debug info
     char debugMsg[256];
     sprintf(debugMsg,"command string: %s   Servo Id: %d   Servo Position: %d", command, sid, spos);
     // Move the
     shieldServos.setposition(sid , spos);


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Move the servos in little steps, the delay between them will determine the servo speed. I think that's the only way to control the speed with this shield.