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How to make an LMR WRITER

MVI_5624.AVI1.26 MB
lmrwriterbeta.BAS5.65 KB


  • 1 picaxe 28x
  • 2 servos hooked up to 6 & 7 on the board
  • 1 laserpen hooked up to 0 on the board

How to:

  1. Download the attached program
  2. Enter your text in it it, what is to be written by the laserr
  3. Enjoy :D


This is the crappiest tip/walkthrough I ever made. But I just made it work and it is late, I should sleep, and I know there will be a week before I get to even look at it again..


And so I thought it was more fun to share some cool crap that is quite undone, but works.. than not to share because it is crap :)


PS: This work was 100% inspired by Ant's work: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2514 It is just a spin/ripoff, but I made it so that it takes the whole alphabet, you can eter up to 30 characters, and also make "return"'s :)




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   This blog has be in my brain rattling around for like ages...... and the time manifested for me to make a dot matrix version...Smiley

Vectorized laser graphics just rock....... such straightforward code presenting a mega  impact of the "laser sabre laser light", very impressing and neat to watch and hear the rattling of the servos.....

nice one!
I like it. I like the code, much better than mine, I'll hook mine back up and see how it goes.

I hate that, when you know it's bed-time because you're falling asleep on your keyboard and you also know it's going to be a whole six hours before you can play robots again. But A WHOLE WEEK? The torture! It's unimaginable.

Looking forward to the vector-based font.

The font is in the code!

I'm liking it. Maybe not so much the reference to goats, but the project is nice. Even the code has ... techie qualities. (Reusability, etc.)

Was the code published after Sun, 2008-10-26 21:34? (Just in case anyone thinks I'm a booby-head.)

PS - "næste bogstav" is "next letter", for anyone with a Google disability.