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How many PIC users here

I was wondering how many PIC users are on LMR and what languages are being used.  I am currently a fan of the dsPIC33's and use C and assembly for programming.

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I started off programming Basic Stamps then PICs at school through Higher and Advanced Higher Technological Studies in my final years of High School/(Secondary School to us Brits). While learning assembly at school I bought myself a PIC programmer and a few PIC16F84As and used them in a few robots. I moved to JAL as I realised assembly was slowing me down and I didn't need to be working in such a low level language for the pretty simplistic stuff I was doing. I haven't touched PICs in over 5 years (moved away from robots and tinkering with electronics until recently) and although I've quickly grown to love the Arduino Mega I've been playing with I would love to jump back to using PICs if a project came up where it would be better suited.

The (tragic?) result of my work is that I wound up with a macbook pro.

I'm not going to labour my opinions of a mac here, but when trying to find out which uC I could use, solarbotics suggested a picaxe, because it can be easily interfaced with a mac.

Having not tried anything else at this stage, I have no idea of the extent to which this is accurate, but it certainly seems to be consistent with what I see.

 I would dearly like to have the time and money to use pics - getting the interface hardware for my mac, and learning the code etc. etc., but at present, I think the picaxe is very appropriate for what I want to do.


Macbook pro tragic, never!!!  Vmware or paralles is your friend. Bootcamp would be an option as well.

Welllll, I wanted to avoid having to use emulation software - there's something klugey about it... having a lot of sofware on my computer so it behaves like a different computer just seems ... I don't know, like i'm defeating the purpose.

But!, I must step back and see the bigger picture. Maybe tomorrow though.



I've been running OS X 10.5.7 as well for iPhone programming. I'm a windows/linux guy, but have been impressed by the latest apple stuff. You could use the gnu toolset for PIC programming on your Mac: http://gputils.sourceforge.net I use MPLAB and the C30 compiler on a Vista machine. I was going to try VMware to see if I could use my Windows tools on my Mac.