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                   So I have a problem I built 2 robots the SHR and a  pololu hexapod walker http://www.pololu.com/docs/0J42 but both were tutorials I want to build a robot myself but I can't program so I dont know how to start , I want to start with an arduino but I dont know C I am learning in school such as the constants variables and key words an we will only write 1 program. I am 13 years old and I dont think anyone will teach me C . And I want robotics to be a future career of mine.

So I ask of 2 things.

- Is there any arduino kit where I can learn to program and I can use a arduino hands on and are there any books.

- And do you guys have any idea for me.


Thank you

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In general. . .

Once you've completed a few tutorial projects, you should be getting ideas of your own.  For example, if you just built a robot that has an IR distance sensor, what would it take to swap it out for an ultrasonic device?  If your project is using rechargeable batteries, you could use an Arduino analog pin to monitor the state of the batteries, and sound an alarm, or initiate a charger search.

You start something, and it doesn't work.  So you come to a place like this one, ask questions, do some research and you finally make it work.  Next time you have a problem you'll probably ask fewer questions because you've learned a bit.  Eventually, you'll notice other people are asking the same questions you asked, or they may describe a problem you recognize and have solved.  That's when you start giving back by helping others.

Robotics is a far reaching hobby with fingers, (or claws) in a lot of pies.  No one knows everything.  But you keep moving forward, learning code and components and mechanical systems, and over time your projects get better and more interesting.

Thank you for all the sites especially  the tronixstuff website but programing is still a trouble so is there a book that teaches the arduino programing language and once i learn it can i program the oddbot spider controller and other arduino clones.


if you have the arduino programing program look in the

 Reference under help

i would recommend this strategy:

first go to tronixstuff website that chuck linked, then look for the tutorials that teach what you need to be
learning, and check what components are being used there and make a list.


there are lots of starter kits on ebay, but they do not come with tutorials.
they do contain a bunch of components to get you started experimenting like resistors,
capacitors and so on, and leds, potentiometers, ir leds/transistor pairs, buttons, and so on.

they come as accessory sets and kits that include an arduino board.


as for books, theres loads of books on arduino, some of them specific to robotics.
i will leave that for others to comment on, but i will say that some of them are available online as torrents.
most of them not legal, but u can at least check some of them out before u buy one...