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Informative site about screw terminals

Screw terminals are a type of electrical connectors which connect a wire to a metal platform. The wire is secured into the terminal to form an electrical ground, which is an electric current. To secure the connection, the wire is usually secured into the terminal with a screw to prevent the connection from getting loose. Please follow the link to read more about screw terminals.

[rik_admin edit: changed the link, left this beautiful spam alone]

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take terminal blocks for granted again. Avoided watching this because it seemed wierd to make a video about terminal blocks but I was impressed with his lab equipment and he did have some dandy terminal blocks. Good job of getting by with spam too, nyet?

I feel depressed after watching the video - terminally depressed.

This guy has either a screw loose or an extra dozen floating in the Ether.

If someone is going to go to this much trouble just to spam, it should stay.

The latest in technology:

Forget multi core CPU's, multi touch screens, 3D, HDTV, etc ... here is the latest: TERMINAL BLOCKS!

I think this is just spam.

I can't really figure this one out... A very weird or badly translated description --I.e. the " to form an electrical ground, which is an electric current" thing. And then a username of "screwterminalblock" and just joined this month. Don't get me wrong, I love a screw terminal as much as the other guy... Weird...


In Soviet Russia, terminal screws you!