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What is a space rover

A space Rover is a robot which is capable of moving over a rough and difficult terrain and greater information based on what task the robot has been made for

The objective may be :-

1 Collecting samples from the surface

2 Search Operations

3 Looking for life forms and so on...

Or like in this case….

A rover Capable of overcoming the difficult rough terrain and clicking pictures or taking videos of the planet surface while controlling its own movoment  and simultaneously calculating the distance it travelled..




USB Camera x2

Ultra Sonic Range Finder x2

60 rpm BO Motors x6

15kg-cm trq Servo motors x19

Arduino mega x1

Raspberry pi x1

Lithium polymer battery (5Ah, 20C) x1

Lots of Servo brackets


Though the design of a six legged hexapod robot is very complex, we tried to make it as simple as possible. There is an animation of our concept design of the rover.


We used Alstone Hybrid Board for making the body of the rover, seven servos are attached to the body, six for the base of the legs and and one for the movement of the cameras. Two layers are made for holding the components, at the bottom layer we places the Arduino so it can easily connect with all the servos.

We used Servo brackets and alstone board to make the structure of the legs. Servos are attached by only using servo brackets. Apart from the base servo there are two servos, and a bo-motor for the wheel giving it 4 DOF on each leg.



We developed an arduino shield for our rover which can drive 19 servos and 6 moters simultaneously, For driving the motors we used the motor driver IC L293D, three motor driver was needed as we had to control 6 motors.


There is a video of the rover just after assembling all the legs with the base and the camera, any connection was not made yet Then the connection of all the servos and the motors with the Arduino shield, and the camera was attached with the front servo,

After assembling of legs and base, connecting all servos to arduino, we used some test programs to see how it is reacting, In the test program of walking it is clearly observable that the speed of the servo is very high, and the movement is not smooth so it was clearly not the way we wanted. To solve this we had to control the speed of the servo which was very difficult in normal hobby servos if we want control more than one servo simultaneously.


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Very nice robot, I love this kind of leg wheel mashup, it makes the robots much more exciting and capable.

I hope you don't mind me blatently promoting my stuff here but we make some very special wheels that are designed for exactly this kind of non-standard robot. They have all the electronics and motor in the wheel hub so you can bolt them to the end of a leg without having the motor stickling out of the side. Take a look here: www.creative-robotics.com

We haven't actually fitted them to any legs yet but the closest we came was making a 'mars rover' style rocker suspension chassis with each wheel mounted on a servo so you could steer them. You can see it in a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZYgTNs_N7c

Keep up the good work, and good luck with the competition.

Nice job Is this robot made for any competition??

ya first we decided to built it for  LRC (Lunar Rover Challenge).. 

This is a cool robot! I like the hexapod style leg/drive setup as it can walk over terrain as well as drive. Oh....plus it looks like a futuristic evolution of my TRM. http://letsmakerobots.com/node/6890

Awesome rover!