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IR receiver


I recently bought one of these and I hooked it up to my arduino. I took a look at the data sheet, http://extra-parts.com/datasheets/tsop17.pdf. and i made sure to connect it correctly. (I checked and double checked). However, when I hooked it up, smoke starting coming out of the IR reciever. I emailed the seller, and he told me it was an "incorrect circut design", but I made sure it was! Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? If you would like I could post a photo of the circut!

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Did you notice how they switch around the pin numbers in the various diagrams? They're not consistent so don't think the middle pin is the middle pin on the example circuit.

I know they not doing it intentionally but sometimes it seems like the datasheet tries to make things harder than they need to be.

The data sheet schematic is vague when it comes to the Microcontroller.  A photo of how you set it up would help, but I'm going to recommend that you take a look at the Adafruit Tutorial on the subject.  It's the gold standard.  Sometimes I think we should have a direct link knowlege base for things like this and the EagleCAD videos.



I'm not really good at electronics but I think I could still try something. Please post a picture, it would help me and other people who are more knowledgeable than me.