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Jaimi`s giant robot commercialised?

Seems like the spider walker mechanism inside the giant robot has been put into production. I`d love to get one to tear apart!

Hexbugs Spider.

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Did anyone find them on Radio Shack yet?

Turns out I own the Ant model by the same company. Until I know for sure it's genuine Mantzel design, I refuse to supply hi def URL linkage to them.

the same action as the giant robot. But he did post a video about someone ripping off his design and rubbishing the implementation.(why inventors stop inventing) He's apparently just been in Hong Kong so I'd guess it hasn't been released yet and the hexbug might be the ripoff he was talking about. You would think he would have named it if that was his.

Hey I was at rs last night and saw the new hex spider, 20 somthing dollers and its much larget then the old hex bugs. would have bought one if it had looked easier to hack up. this was in HB Calif.

This is Jaimie.  I didn't have anything to do with that hexbug piece of junk.  they says its been in developement for 2 years.  Interesting that thats around when I sent my prototype out to a few American toy companies.  Sounds very fishy to me.  Well, either way, I'm not buying one.  I'll have one out that'll kick their butts anyway.

to talk to a lawyer about it. The way these mungrels operate they'll probably attack the real spiderbot when it's released and claim you copied their idea. If you win you may be able to afford an awesome extension to the palacial megadome. Or even get your island. Who knows?

This youtube video of yours shows your mechanism is at least 3 years old. Maybe someone figured out how it worked from the video.

I`d do what merser suggested. If you dont make noise about it now it`ll be a lot harder later on.

The hexbug spider not only looks like yours but has the exact same mechanism for stearing and leg movement. what i want to know is why bother ripping off the design, compaired to marketing exspenses paying a designer is a drop in the bucket. you will just have to make one large enough to crush there office building lol.

Reciently i was given a hexbug spider, it makes a neat toy and i have already drained the batterys. Funny thing is they must have copied the design exactly beacuse there's some mechanical problems when turning..between the weight and friction of all the parts it could hardly turn when moving. Once the batterys ware down slightly it can only be turned standing still. Lets hope Jaimi can get his finished in time for burning man.  

Maybe you meant that htey didn't copy it exactly.  :-P  but.... mine steers without problems.  Well, not the giant one yet.  Its not finished.  .....but the white plastic one I made 6 or 7 years ago is really smooth walking and steering.