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Just A Big Question

Well My BIG question is:

Can you tell me how did you manage to send the video from camera to internet and control it ? Also do i need to upload any specific program on the raspberry to do that?


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i think i will choose a raspberry instead of wr703n router. I Can do more stuff with this Platform

That's kind of like saying "I think instead of a bicycle I'll use a firehose." It's nearly impossible for a reader to make sense of what you're proposing. You probably need both, or at least you'll need a wifi dongle on the raspberry Pi and somewhere in the house you'll need a wireless router-unless you want to have the robot tethered to a cat5 cable.

I am going to use a wifi dongle on raspberry and thes stream the video . My wifi network is available all acros the house. So i will not have any connection problem


What was wrong with your old thread??? Not enough information to work with either