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LED trigger to picaxe signal

I found a new sound sampler module for my yellow drum machine. The problem I have right now is that the switch to operate and trigger the playback was a motion sensor. Essentially a LED in a thin tube.

I want to change that so that I can trigger that function from the Picaxe output.

Sound sampler board

I tried a few directconnections on a solderless bread board and was able to trigger it accurately by just touching one of the LED + wire to the 5v powerbus on my board but when I plug it on the Picaxe board I get immediate triggering when I switch the board on and then nothing.

What am I doing wrong and more importantly, how do I make it right?

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I would suggest you add a pull down resistor on the pin that you are connecting to the sound module. A pull-down resistor will do just what it sounds like. It will keep the line low unless the microcontroller actively pulls it high. At least you shouldn't get any false positives.

I just read about those in David Cook's "intermediate robot building". I think it's time I try to put this theory into practice.

I was not getting false positives tho, my problem was that turning the robot on would trigger it once and then the signal being sent through the wire woul dnot trigger it again. Probably because it had never been turned off.

Still, can't hurt to try.

Make sure that you are in fact turning your pin on the PICAXE side on/off!

Too many variables for me to go into here, but just test it somehow, that it's actually doing what you expect on the pin you are using :)

most switch / push buttons are simple to hack. first thing find out if there High or Low active . if high active , when a positive + voltage is aplyed it starts the record / play function . active low when connected to ground - the play / record function is activated

so connecting pins from your picaxe to the active sides of the record / play switches you can control the on and off these via HIGH or LOW commands from the picaxe HIGH might not be on it may be low. some times a small delay is needed to get around debounceing on the switch  . don't forget to connect your earth from the recorder to the earth of the picaxe's power supply