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LEO the Arduino Compatible robot

Hi Lets Make Robots,

We have a robot kit on Kickstarter that we think people might like. It is the first kit we designed that makes use of our HUB-ee wheel hub motors (which you can already get from places like Sparkfun and Robotshop.com)


LEO uses the ATMega32U4 and the Arduino™ Leonardo bootloader so you can program it with the Arduino™ IDE but unlike lots of other robot kits you can swap the wheels around, so you can pick from two wheel symetrical drive, front or rear differential drive, four wheel skid steering or tank drive.

We designed LEO with a stacking expansion system similar to Arduino shields (but not directly compatible because that wasn't possible or appropriate) You can add bluetooth radios and prototyping boards plus there is room to fit a breadboard there as well.

Expanding possibilities


THe HUB-ee wheels include their own encoders and LEO can read a pair of them at full resolution and apply PID control. Because of the way you can daisy chain HUB-ee wheels together you can create some rather funky multi wheel drive bots,

Silly wheels

or print out our Wheg design on a makerbot and bolt them to the wheels,


or even try and hack it into a mars rover style bot.

Mars rocks

Here is a breakdown of all the features you get with LEO:


FeaturesPCK layout

Thanks for reading!


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I need more coffee

These motors are uber cool :) They should get some more attention. Would love to play with a set. Will probably order some in the future. Good luck with the kickstarter.