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Buy a REALLY BIG version of this wall chart today from any of the listed online shops to make your workspace a brighter and more robot friendly place!


For every wall chart sold, $5 USD is donated to the Let's Make Robots community.

 You can buy from any of the listed webshops, and to save on shipping, chose the one closest to you:





United Kindom:

Germany (Roboter-Selbstgebaut is also shipping from China):




And your shop - large, small, or just you on a workshop could be here as well.

Please contact fritslyneborg () gmail.com if you are interested in helping us selling.



LMR provides a spam and advertising free site for all robot builders and enthusiasts without charging any one anything. We can only do that because you buy this stuff. It's true. You make the difference. This visit you are doing right now do now cost bandwidth. Every visit does, we have to get the money from somewhere. Buy the poster to pay back - and get something pretty and quite handy in exchange ;)

This robot builders electronic reference guide has been created and distributed by LMR members. It does not matter if you are a complete novice, a student or an experienced builder, this wall chart is a quick reference guide that we hope will help you for years to come.

And you can always look at it and be proud that you helped keeping the site alive ;D

Special thanks to Frank Neon (Reuseum /  DJUltis) and Russell Cameron (DAGU / OddBot) for very generous donations, the sole initiative, and a lot of work to make this happen.

If you can think of other initiatives that will help the community pay the bills, please contact fritslyneborg () gmail.com

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I broke a gear on the drive arm. Is there any place to buy replacement parts?

Hi, I am based in the US and I am unable to purchase the chart from any of the retail outlets listed. CSW had the item listed but I could not add a payment method and I could not find the item on reusem. Maybe an amazon page, ebay or just a paypal donate link would be nice making it easy to make a payment.

You should ask our LMR member Chris the Carpenter from http://rocketbrandstudios.com/ if there is a way you could pay with paypal. 

If you cannot find any other re-seller then I am offering you to ship one from China. It takes app.3 weeks to arrive but you can pay with Paypal.

Alyway, I did not sell all the posters yet but want to transfer the donation to Frits.

"Abgeschlossen" means "Done".

I could not change the currency so I just sent the amount of roughly $US250 in Danish Krones.

Wow, Lumni!

Received. Moved to hosting pool. Thank you so very much!



Hii. is it possible if I request shipping to Malaysia?


Yes, just pick a shop and place an order :)