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LMRv4 Milestones

Hi guys, I am happy to announce that we are moving slowly, but yet so speedy, that we can present you with ..

LMRv4 Milestones

Enjoy, and thanks for the patience and understanding :)

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v3 works on (my) Android(s) - since Android(s) have been updated.

When that is said; v4 is not planned to have a special Smart(ass)Phone template - due to (lack of)ressources.

But a great deal of the overall reason to do a transport to the new kernel, is to be able to offer that kind of support: All the stuff from the new world that was not invented when v1 was made (and transported up to v3) will be available to us after this.

(and after writing something like that, I always feel like writing something like "I hope" or "is the plan" ;)

I am sure the work on LMR4 is quite complicated especially when you consider to migrate all the old content into the new database.

I am good with keeping the old LMR3 online with the optio to edit posts, write comments etc. but NO new submissions. So we really can keep all the inbound links active and valid and nobody is loosing anything. OddBot's and all the other tips and walkthroughs are a good source and it would be a big loss when they disappear.

Fot the new LMR4 it would be a good thing that we login to LMR4 AND LMR3 with just one login to keep things easy to edit and comment. This is important when new visitors are going to write comments with questions or suggestions under old projects.

Thanks Frits, I am sure you guys are doing the right thing.


Although my user number is not important, I do want to keep my user name.

While some of my older post are out of date and could be scrapped I would really hate to loose some other stuff.

Perhaps the most important stuff to me these days are the tip/walkthroughs I created. I regularly refer people to them. I'm hoping LMR4 makes it easier for newbies to find relavent tips. Perhaps they should be listed in the "Start Here" along with your basic robot instructions.

Sometimes I feel as though I waste my time writting them since many members never bother to look for them and just ask the same old questions over and over again.

It would be nice if LMR 4 displayed a message whenever any member starts a new forum reminding them to check the tip/walk throughs first. To try and stop it from being too annoying perhaps a simple check of the tilte for words like "HELP", "How", "What" or ends in a "?" could be used to determine if the message should be displayed.

The great thing is that we will be able to [include] tutorial and tips (old or new LMR tips) in the relevant pages. 

So for example Start Here can have maybe 10 relevant tips and tricks included. ItllI'll appear as a list with main image and some text, much more giving and inspiring than a list of 10 li ks. More like the front page today. 

There's also something else that we might do to avoid same questions over and again, but I am not sure itll make it in this round. It might. 

Since I have not found any note about something here is what itches me:

Can you make shure that all the content we provided (in the past) will be provided in the future too?
That means when I log in to V4 as NilsB - do I find all my articles and especially my robot projects there again? Or is my V4 profile empty and I have to migrate everything by hand?

Yes and no - and thank you for the good question :)

For a long time ago, we realized that LMR would never go any further, if we had to keep the old structure. And we also had to realize that even though it would be possible to convert all old material into new database forma, the task was likely to be too large.

When that is said; It MAY be possible for us to simply convert "old LMR" to "new LMR" - but deliberately I have avoided geting into this, as a new version would have to be done, no matter what. And so the strategy was / is; If its possible, itøs great - but we are not having it as focus at all, because there are so many other things to consider.

SO WHERE ARE YOUR CONTENT? ARGH! Don't worry (don't quote me on that once the house's on fire, haha)

No.. The plan, the enginious idea, is to let v3 stay as is, but have a big fat sign saying "This is from LMRv3, here is LMRv4" above it, and take away the option to submit new stuff on the site - but allow commenting and editing old stuff.

And then go on air with v4.

There are detials to be settled, but  this way all linking to your stuff from outside is untouched. (It will not go off air, and no liks are dead)

And you can submit new stuff, and find the old stuff.. And as something new, you can [include] both old and new stuff into new posts.

Only missing link as such, is full lists of everything you have posted in one list. And we will work on that - hopefulle we will find some tweaks.

I know that this is not "professional and optimal", but it is what we can do with the ressources we have.

Again, it's good that you mention it, so we can keep an eye on it. An extra eye :)

To me, data migration is no extra work - it is part of the regular work.

Frits - don't forget that LMR.com without community and content is worthless. Our content is important. It's a first class citzen. To read that this migration has no focus nurishes the fear of loosing. Therefore I say this focus is missing.

Do you really want us to hand-migrate everything we want from V3 to V4. Fine for me. Tough for CtC and OddBot.

Do we really want to loose memorable moments like these? Here I was, drunk at the local night club and suddenly I grew 2 extra heads! That really freaked a few of the girls out. The blokes didn't care, it was just two more guys to drink with :D

Guys, I am sorry that I apparently have not made myself clear: Nothing will be lost. However, we are making a new version, and if we have to stick to the old format in the new site, we might not be able to go where we want. So there will be new URLs for new content types, as an example.. Old LMR has /node for everything. New will have /robot or /idea etc. And data migration does not really make sense. Nodes are just still nodes, untouched. 


We are building new stuff that the old one did not have.