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Looking for design patterns and ani-patterns



I'm struggling to find a good rescouce which collects together all sorts of different proven patterns and anti-patterns.


For example, a whole section on different leg designs - laying out the mechanics, some of the main statics behind the design, thinking about materials etc. No a specific design, but a load of proven designs. Ideally also anti-patterns - commonly thought of designs, but that are actually ineffective.


i.e - under a section on legs, their might be a section on 4 bar linkages, showing drag links and rocker links with notes on dimensions, improvements for rigidity etc, as well as Hoekens links, and then an anti-pattern talking about Chebyshev links, becuase while nice in theory, they severely linit the torque available.


With all of the various robotics degrees and robotics locations on the web, this must have been covered a lot - it's just that I can't find much on it. I can find isolated articles - like a different pattern to use to make a specific end effector, but I can't find a place which brings lots of them together.


Anyone got any pointers for me?

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No pointers, but...

Wouldn't it be cool to have a robotics wiki - sounds like it could serve the function you desire if it was targeted for hobby/amateur builders.  Something like it probably already exists, but I wouldn't know where.

Looks like LMR is Drupal based. In theory, it's very quick job to get a MediaWiki plug-in running.


Is there a method of making appeals to the Admins?

The great LMR gods are redesigning the website - I don't know what's in the works.  Try sending Frits a PM.