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MigaOne Linear Actuator

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Now, here is at last a new range of exciting actuators!

This is just one example, check http://www.migamotors.com/Products.html for more.

MigaOne is a unique electric actuator based onShape Memory Alloy (SMA) wire, also known as muscle wire. Exposing the MigaOne to 10V and 2.7A for half a second will cause the wires to heat up, contract, and push what ever is attached to the arm with 2.5 lbs. (11N) of force. Surprisingly strong for such a slim actuator. This is a very new type of actuator with many interesting potential applications.


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Hmm  I have had the chance to test them now. It was not quite what I had hoped for, I am sorry to say. I may have been in bad luck, am awaiting vendors reply.

Very curious to see one of those in action.

From what I've read on a few forums: the problem with smartwire is not only the time it takes to extend, but also that you need a certain voltage and current to get a certain length and diameter of wire to move. Most of the people who wrote reviews about it, said that a very small deviation from the correct voltage and current can ruin the wire (which is costly).


you should all really check out the site, I have linked to it.. Videos too. Crap quality videos, but see the speed of the thing I have featured above.. It would make your robot jump!!

Well I have to admit: They come in a handy ready made package with all the specs fixed so you don't have to worry about cutting the exact length of wire.

They even have a whole arduino tutotial!

And i agree: crap quality video's.

Here's one of the first vids i saw using muscle wire: muscle wire inchworm


Nice, that looks really interesting. I'd seen those briefly but thought it took a lot longer than half a second to extend, so I didn't really pay much attention to it. 2.5 lbs and half a second, that could be fun. Lots of current though -- I guess it'd be time to start learning to work with MOSFETs etc. Too bad it's so expensive, though. Getting 4 of those to work as legs or something would be pricy.


Thou have not seen their driver etc :)