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Motor Controller problem


Well, these are some pics I shoot for help to identify the motor controller on the board a RC Car.

 The big red and white wire should be to the wheels motor.

The two spots that show Red and white, should be the wires to the motors.( not the ones that are linked by the line with the word yellow) I think those are the right wires. However made this board didn't name the wires with things like GND, or PWR, they all say colors.

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Looks like the driver IC is in the upper left hand corner. Need more pics, some side shots maybe? It'll be easier to build your own controller, however.

A good place to start might be goggling the part number on the IC. It seems to me that this board might be a motor controller and the RC unit packed into one.
Your post doesn’t say much about what the problem is. Are you trying to use the motor controller for something else or is there a problem with the PCB?
I have to agree with Krumlink, it’s faster to make a new one if the motor controller is all your after.

anything, just pics for bird. He said he needed pics to be able to see if he could figure it out. But Krum, I might need some motor controllers in the near future, so get ready.


I have some 1A SN754410 Drivers ready!