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Open Dicussion: Hard Copies

I was just wondering... I print hard copies of almost everything I work with. I make lists and jot-down ideas with a pencil and paper. I add notes and comments to code I am working on using a pencil. I flow-chart on paper before writing any code. I have stacks and stacks of papers to keep my mind organized.

rik makes fun of me for this!

Open discussion: How do you guys go from idea to code? Am I a dork with my pencil and paper?

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I use pencil and paper when i don't actualy know what am i going to do, but other things i type directly.

I have a couple of small notepads that I keep initial sketches of my wired up designs as well as various notes and equations. I also use a whiteboard to to do any flowcharting and usually copy those notes to the notepads. I have a lot of papers with example code and some manuals, but I don't print them out anymore just due to not wanting to have all of the papers all over the place.

I  have my graphing paper note pad i use. Also i have a white board where i conceptually figure out my code, came in handy for my AGV coding. The note pad is filled with ideas and the first sketches of a lot of my robots.  Right now the note pad has pages of chess programming bitboards and calculations. But i do print out my code sometimes. I have about 3 codes printed out right now on my desk just because i do like hard copies also. I print it out at different stages of the code too sometimes, just so late at night i can lay in my bed and read it like a novel and think about some changes or what needs to be added. Most recently i printed out some PCBs i designed and put them on the white board with magnets. 

Color me one of them.

Notice how often I draw the little TO92 pinouts. Some fond memories are in that mess. Notes about openWRT. The UI I designed on the train from Den Haag. Trig from an imaginary radio beacon navigation system.... oooohhhh.

I don't usually cover my desk with these. I just stack 'm.

This is one great storage system, but the retrieval is a bit slow.

I do not own a printer, so code listings are out of the question. Besides, my code changes faster than I could manage on paper. Until a project dies or is abandoned in the stack.

I usually draw pinouts and circuits on a small notebook I have. Plus the difference between pnp and npn transistors and stuff like that.

I do almost everything in my head: lying in bed, driving to work, taking a dump... I'm always thinking about designs and programs. The only stuff that gets written down on paper are measurements and some sketches. Most actual designs are done on the laptop.

Every piece of paper gets thrown away as soon a possible, because I hate storing and organizing paper.

I just code; First I think a little, tiny little, and then I simply make one thing work at a time, step bt step :)

I usually sketch some designs in my big notepad, I very often prontout a uC pinout and mark which pin I used for what. As my projects started to get more and more complicated, I started to keep circuit schematics updated in Diptrace. For code, I just go ahead and program, I never print out any code, but this is just a consequence of my programming background.

I do like using paper notepads for brainstorming and drawing stuff, such as sketches. All the rest is done on pc, especially because it gives me the ability to edit stuff without having to do it all again, and i do edit my projects a lot! ...but still, paper makes my ideas "flow" better.