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Operational Amplifiers DataSheets

Hi to ALL, does anyone know what's the INPUT BIAS CURRENT on operational amplifiers datasheets. What's BIAS ???

Thx you very much for the interest for a noob like me.


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Input bias current is the expected amount of current into either or both of the inputs to operate (bias) the device. An ideal amp would have no bias current, however in real world devices their is a sliwght amount, typically measured in nanoamps (1x10-9 or 0.000000001 amps)

Google can give some interesting links, some detail in wikipedia. 

Thx a lot. So when the entering current is above this value, the amplifier is sensible, right? I'm asking this because a reversed led that I want to use has a current flow of about 100nA, this is because an amp. which has that bias value to maximum 250 doesn't work, isn't it?



The input bias would have a typical value that it requires for the op-amp to work. So if that value isn't met, the op-amp probably cannot perform as expected.

It sounds like the LED is preventing the operation of the op-amp, since it is not allowing enough current flow for the op-amp.

This isn't a problem because I've found on the net that exist a type of amps which are more sensible!!!

Thx You very much