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Penta-Bot Re-programmable Robot Circuit (including five robot)

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Penta-Bot is a special robot circuit that can be used for five different robots including; line follower robot, sumo robot, obstacle avoider robot, light follower robot and voice follower robot. You can choose the robot ,that you want to built, from Penta-Bot’s menu using the buttons on the main circuit board.

Penta-Bot is a set which consists of:
>one main circuit board,
>a line follower robot circuit (including 4 CNY70 reflective sensors),
>two obstacle detecting sensors (including 1 IR led and one TSOP IR Receiver on each),
>one obstacle detecting sensor (including 2 IR leds and one TSOP IR  Receiver),
>two light  sensor  circuits,
>three voice sensor circuits,
and two CNY70 reflective sensor circuits (for sumo robots).

Penta-Bot is re-programmable. Every robot has its own options in order to make the necessary settings according to your motors and design of your robot. After you have choosed the robot from the menu, you can do those settings.

The linked page includes the photos of Penta-Bot and its other sensor circuits http://www.robotiksistem.com/pentaboten.html


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alot like what i was planning on doing. A LCD and different modes and plugs for different robots. Thats why i built "the box".

Looks good. I may need to get one.

thanks. I didn't pay attention on the category. I've reordered it. I think it really will be beneficial for both hobby and educational usage. It's very practical